Home remedies for spider bite

 Natural home remedies for spider bites

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Spider bite home remedies-Home remedies for spider bite

Home remedies for spider bite: Every summer you can guarantee that at some point you are going to get bitten by a bug of some kind, hopefully you will not be bitten by some of the deadliest spiders of the world. In USA these  venomous spiders include the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spider. These are the only two which have venom dangerous to humans and males of the species; they eat their sexual partner, the male.

All spiders have a level of venom and will inject you with it when they bite, but much of the venom is not in the least harmful to humans as they do not have the equipment to pierce your skin in the first instance.

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Best spider bite home remedies:

There are a few ideas being thrown about for the home remedies. These remedies are used for all bug bites including those 8 legged freaks, spiders:-

  • Use your nail or the edge of a credit card to scrape away the bite as soon as you can, you see the reason for this is that if the bite is left on the skin, then there is nothing stopping the rest of the venom entering your body.
  • Now that the stinger is out of your finger, providing the stinger is not so embedded that it is under the skin, soaking the affected area with Apple cider Vinegar will relieve any swelling which will occur and the redness.
  • If you have any papaya in the house, then lay a slice of this on your sting for an hour, if you do not have any papaya then an onion which has been cut in half will do the job just as well. No one has the faintest idea why this works; they just know that it does. It is maybe the enzymes which are in the Papaya and the onion.
  • Ice cubes and ice packs have been known to be a great way of helping to ease the pain and reduce swelling when it comes to spider bites.
  • Baking soda can be a good home remedy for spider bites. One method of baking soda application is to mix it with a skin lotion, then apply it to the bitten area.
  • Cut an onion and rub it over the sting site area. It will help reduce pain and discomfort.

Should you apply some of these remedies and start to feel unwell or faint, start to have breathing difficulties, especially if it is a spider which has bitten you, then you really do need to think about contacting a doctor. If the symptoms continue to get worse, you start to fit, sweat, and feel nauseous, telephone an ambulance. Anaphylactic shock is still a risk. You do not know whether you will have a severe reaction or not.

It’s not always possible of course, but it would be very helpful to the doctor if you can tell which spider it was that bit you, the black widow spider bite does not show up on any hospital tests, there is only investigative work and visible signs which will give it away that it is a black widow spider bite, even then it can be mistaken. The bite has a tendency to look like other conditions.

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